Calgary Apple Blossom Festival

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And the Winners Are

After a very successful pageant the Calgary Apple Blossom Festival has crowned new winners! Although overall festival turnout was surprisingly low this year, the pageant had more princesses than ever before, so each lovely lady had her work cut out for her.

The events started in the same manner as last year, with the men playing Tiger Woods Golf for the title of King of the Green. Although it was a closely fought game, Dino took an early lead and maintained it to the finish. Most impressive of all is that he managed to accomplish this win while holding his sleeping baby! Congrats Dino!

The items up for grabs
King of the Green 2006

After a brief intermission (read: BBQ and beer) the Queen Annapolisa pageant got underway. The first event was the apple trivia event. The princesses really stepped it up a notch this year by actually studying the Apple Blossom website. The straddle shots were few and far between this year, but they were greatly appreciated by those who received them. Although there is not an official winner to this portion of the pageant, Erika really set herself apart from the rest, just overflowing with facts. Nice work Princess Canaan!

Jodi doing a wonderful job of posing the questions again this year

Erika giving one of her many correct answers

Lucky Kathy getting a straddle shot

Then it was on to the most highly-anticipated event of the night, the evening gown competition. The ladies were very well prepared this year, with some princesses showing up with multiple dresses! All the gowns were so great and the judges had a tough decision on their hands but when it came down to it, Jodi's off the shoulder, floral print, crinoline and horse necklace stole the show.

Last year's winner, Kathy, trying her best to sway the judges

That's right, stirrups!

Julia lookin' hot even in a hideous dress

Jodi showing some leg, and crinoline

The tree shot

The apple shot, with apple alternatives

Jodi receiving the 2007 Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness sash

After a bit of a pause in the action (polishing off the two mini-kegs), the "personality session" began. The judges had some really tough and creative questions this year, and the princesses were up to the task. They certainly showed their saucy sides! In the end it was all about Billie's rubber boots, and nothing else...

Two of the judges deliberating

Billie, Miss Sluttiality 2007, receiving congratulatory bumping and grinding from the judges

And last but certainly not least, it was time for the judges to decide who stood out and deserved to be crowned Queen Annapolisa 2007. But was there any question? Of course not. Erika has wanted it more than anyone else and she left the judges with no other choice. She nailed it! And in the end she rewarded us with a speakerphone conversation with her half-awake parents in Nova Scotia.

Getting ready to hand over the crown

The celebration!

We give you Erika, Queen Annapolisa 2007

In all her regal glory

Congrats to all of this year's winners:
Jose - Runner Up
Billie - Miss Sluttiality
Erika - Queen Annapolisa
Jodi - Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness
Kathy - McGyver Award

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

5th Annual Calgary Apple Blossom Festival

Can you believe we've made it to 5 years? Since we've reached such a significant milestone lets make it the most special Apple Blossom yet! Here is the schedule of events:

King of the Green Xbox tournament: Starting whenever they feel like coming together in Ian and Jodi's living room, the men will give it their all in a testosterone-filled battle to claim the title "King of the Green." The winner receives a spectacular trophy and the honour of crowing the new Queen Annapolisa.

Preparation: While the men occupy themselves with Xbox the women will prepare themselves for the Pageant. Please bring your existing sash if available, otherwise this time can be used to make your new sash.

Coronation of the King: The out-going Queen Annapolisa will crown this years King of the Green

Queen Annapolisa Pageant Begins: The princesses will introduce themselves and state why their greatest ambition in life is to become Queen Annapolisa

Mental Aptitude Session: While still somewhat sober the princesses will be quizzed on all things wonderful about apples and the Annapolis Valley. Correct answers will be rewarded with shots of Growers Apple Cider, and if the princess is particularly lucky, perhaps a straddle-shot.

Intermission/Preparation: This is an opportunity for preparation for both the judges and the princesses. The princesses will adjourn to the dressing room to make themselves fabulous for the Evening Gown portion of the Pageant while the judges can prepare: 1) the questions for the Personality Session, and 2) themselves for the fabulousness of the princesses.

Evening Gown Competition: Not only will the princesses be vying for the title Queen Annapolisa, but the Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness title is also up for grabs. This is an opportunity for the princesses to show their grace, charm and fashion sense with the most spectacularly ugly evening gown they can find. Choose well ladies, you may have an opportunity to show off these gowns on subsequent occassions.

Personality Session: The judges will use this opportunity to delve into the real personality of the princesses. A series of questions will be asked of each candidate, the way in which she answers will determine her suitability for the title of Queen Annapolisa. Also up for grabs in this competition is the Miss Slutiality title, and the pink feather boa that accompanies it.

Deliberation: The judges will do whatever it is they do to determine this year's winner.

Coronation of the Queen: The title, crown and sceptre will be bestowed upon the princess deemed to be the most deserving of Queen Annapolisa 2007.

Adoration of Royalty: The rest of the evening will be an opportunity to bask in the glow of their magnificence.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Queen Annapolisa Appearance

Our 2006 Queen Annapolisa has been doing a fantastic job fulfilling her duties. She has made numerous public appearances, bolstering the image of the Calgary Apple Blossom Festival. She has really raised the bar for what a Queen Annapolisa should be, and we appreciate everything she has done.

Here she is at the Second Annual Casino Night!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Carnage

Photos from the 4th Annual Calgary Apple Blossom Festival.

The goods up for grabs: The Queen's sash, crown and scepter.

The King of the Green trophy.

Ian hoisting the King of the Green trophy in celebration.

The boys drivin' and puttin'

Tamara, Katie, Erika and Adrienne during the Mental Aptitude Session.

Tamara receives one of Ian's infamous "straddle shots."

The receiving end of a straddle shot.

Kathy, winner of "Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness," and Katie, honourable mention.

The ladies in their gowns.

Ian moderating the Personality Session.

Katie, winner of the Miss Slutiality pink boa.

Tamara receives congratulations from Ian on her win of First Runner-up for Queen Anapolisa.

Jodi accepting her crown as Queen Anapolisa 2006.

This year's winners: Kathy (Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness), Katie (Miss Slutiality), Jodi (Queen Anapolisa), Tamara (First Runner-Up)

The Princesses (left to right): Becky, Jose, Adrienne, Erika, Kathy, Katie, Jodi, Tamara, Kate.

And the Winners Are...

On Saturday, June 10th Calgarians celebrated another very successful Apple Blossom Festival. There were record-breaking crowds, with people traveling from as far as Edmonton to attend the festivities. Photos are still being compiled and censored, and will be posted in the near future. Until then, here is a list of this year's fabulous winners:

King of the Green: Ian
Gown of Unparalleled Hideousness: Kathy
Miss Slutiality: Katie
First Runner-Up: Tamara
Queen Anapolisa 2006: Jodi

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Evening Gown Competition

The organizing committee has heard rumors that some of the princesses were a little uneasy with the evening gown portion of this year's pageant. Though we would be sorely disappointed to see anyone miss out on the chance to play dress-up when they're a grown-up, it is the choice of each individual princess whether or not to participate. This will not be a compulsory event.

If you are looking for a gown, I suggest Value Village, Salvation Army or What's In Store. Here is a link to a listing of consignment and thrift shops in Calgary.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quotes from Past Queens

Alena James, Queen Annapolisa 2004: "Go Flames, Go!"

Kate Bostwick, Queen Annapolisa 2005: "You're the Breast!"